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The Life-Changing Magic of Doing Nothing

I came home from an Insanity class at the gym today (Yes, I’m insane for doing the class in the first place!), and I went through my to-do list, asked my partner what he wanted to do today, fixed myself a late breakfast, etc. Typing this makes me feel exhausted already!

Sunset in Cancun, Mexico in March 2018. (Photo credit: Jasmine McLaughlin)

I turned on the TV after eating breakfast and was about to see what might be good to watch on Netflix and then I asked myself, “What if I did nothing for the next 15-20 minutes?” My mind was all over the place. I was thinking about therapy notes I needed to finish, what topic I should write about for a blog post, how I’ve been wanting to steam mop the kitchen floor but just haven’t felt like doing it, and the list goes on. Taking 15-20 minutes to do nothing after thinking about all of those things was THE BEST! I took time to just breathe and hear my heartbeat. How often do we take the time to do that? I realized that I am alive, and I am here for more than just being busy all of the time. I need rest. I am a human being, not a robot. The dishes can stay in the sink for a few hours. The laundry can stay unfolded for a day or two. I need time to center myself and appreciate the gift of life without the distractions of social media, reality television, and all of the other things that pull us in multiple directions these days.

If you have not yet created a habit of taking time to do nothing every now and then (I would say daily, but I realize that is not feasible for everyone.), then I highly recommend that you start. You are worth it. You were created for more than ripping and running. You deserve time to just sit in silence and hear yourself breathing. You deserve to live and love with intention. Take care of yourself today and everyday. And as always, “Live Mindfully. Love Intentionally. Thrive Splendidly.

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