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Thrive Splendidly : Are You Up to the Challenge?

You may have noticed from a quick glance on my website that the motto for my business is “Live Mindfully. Love Intentionally. Thrive Splendidly.” You may be wondering, “What does it mean to ‘thrive splendidly’?” Well, let’s start with what it means to thrive. To thrive means to succeed or prosper. When I think of the word thrive, a flower that blooms beautifully comes to mind. I picture someone flourishing in life and truly walking into their destiny. I believe it is our divine right to thrive in life, which is why I chose Empowered to Thrive Counseling and Wellness for my business name.

So now that we have a definition for the word thrive, let’s think about what it means to thrive splendidly. When I think of the word splendidly, I see brightness; I see something so exquisite that it would be difficult for the naked eye to gaze upon it. Just the thought gives me chills.

What does thriving splendidly mean to you? What does that look like in your life? If you could envision your ideal life--a life in which you are fully walking in your purpose and your destiny--what do you see? I bet you feel tingles all up and down your spine right now. That’s how you should feel; that’s what it feels like to thrive splendidly.

Do you find yourself constantly getting frustrated with where you are in life? Are you tired of running around and feeling like you aren’t really getting anywhere? Are you ready to take the driver’s seat in your own life and stop being held back by negative thought patterns? Well, get excited because I’ve got something for you!

I will be launching the “Thrive Splendidly” challenge on June 24th, and it will consist of a series of wellness challenges and virtual information sessions over the course of 4 weeks. The culmination of the challenge will be the release of something awesome, so stay tuned! To sign up for the challenge and be kept up-to-date on virtual workshops and information sessions, email me at I look forward to helping you Thrive Splendidly! Take care.

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